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INSPIRED DESIGN: The Mentoring Stamp

September 11, 2008

A set-book exhibition based on Lance Hidy’s Designing the Mentoring Stamp, published by Kat Ran Press and bound by members of the New England Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers.
August 10 through December 20, 2008
Opening reception September 28, 2008; lectures by Lance Hidy and Michael Russem at 4:00 pm, reception at 5:00 pm.
Book Arts Gallery . Neilson Library, Smith College, Northampton, MA
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Face the Nation

September 6, 2008

Face The Nation
Minnesota Center for Book Arts

On display July 12 through September 21, 2008
Opening reception Saturday, July 12, 6-9pm
What role did typefaces play in the modernist milieu of Weimar Germany, or under the Nazi Third Reich? How did a new type design support Ireland’s independence from Britain? What did aspirational names like “Futura” and “Univers” mean? Discover “the last great era of metal type” at Face The Nation, on display at Minnesota Center for Book Arts. Co-presented by MCBA and the University of St. Thomas, this historical exhibition investigates how the desire to reinforce, redefine or transcend national identities shaped the design of typefaces between 1900 and 1960, an era of two world wars and unprecedented cultural transition. The exhibition includes a number of case studies, showing original printed examples, historical curiosities and objects from the printing trade.

Two coordinating exhibitions feature the work of two contemporary designers, Romäno Hanni (Switzerland) and Erik Brandt (U.S), who explore typography in contemporary graphic design and new challenges in designing for global markets and cross-cultural messaging. Alongside the exhibitions, MCBA and University of St. Thomas will be hosting a number of presentations, workshops, panel discussions and even a film screening to provide multiple opportunities for the public to engage these topics.